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We typically help companies with 100+ employees that have a significant IT ticket volume. If that’s not you, a faster response will come through our general email or PR team.

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"What apps are we using? It's an issue from a
security lens to know where sensitive data is being held. And, from a business perspective, we had two completely redundant tools used by different teams. Lumos has a completely novel approach to build an app inventory. We use Lumos as our source of truth"

Jeff Horne
VP of Information Security & Technology @Scopely

"Today's solutions focus on a few use cases such as reducing app spend or conducting access reviews
With Lumos, we get all of the productivity,
compliance and cost features in a single platform."

Mark Jaques
Director of Information Security @VOXMEDIA

“We didn’t have the regimen or platform we needed to set up the Access Review schedules with managers, application owners, and IT operations. Lumos helped us take control of the Access Review craziness.”

Mel Reyes
CIO/CISO @Getaround