Compliance POD
Sandi Green, Product Marketing @Lumos

Cut Compliance Audit Preparation Time in Half

Access reports provide the data you need to resolve access discrepancies and demonstrate a log of activity to pass your compliance audit.

Preparing for access review audits is hard, but it doesn’t have to be. With Lumos, you get all the evidence you need for your System Access Control (e.g. SOC2-CC6, ISO27001-XXXX) and SOC2-CC9 Vendor Management reports.

Our access reports provide the data you need to resolve access discrepancies, share with Business Systems owners, and demonstrate a full audit log of activity to pass your compliance audit.

Risk-Based Review Workflow

With compliance audits, time is rarely on your side. With Lumos you can tackle high-risk accounts (e.g. terminated employees, admin privileges or app of employees that changed roles) first. Manage the business owner review experience easy with risk- based reviews and bulk-actions to remove click-fatigue.

No spreadsheets and VLOOKUPs required

No spreadsheets and VLOOKUPs required. Lumos offers a dashboard view to help you with all access reviews. Use different views for all of your audits (e.g. Quarterly SOX Review, Quarterly SOC2 Review, Monthly Cost Reviews)

Automatic Access Removal

Accelerate all reviews by auto- removing access to apps through Lumos.

Consolidated Reporting

Generate complete access reports and make auditors happy with an easy to read report of all of your employee access activity.

Dynamic Access Reviews

Get alerted when employees haven’t logged in to apps in awhile. Review or remove access to those accounts immediately - all from the comfort of your Slack channel.