Teams Like Yours Are Upgrading Their Work With Lumos

Mark Jaques 

Director of Information Security @VOXMEDIA

“We were allowing individuals to select technology that fits best their workflow. However, we had to guide them towards more secure usage. Once Lumos came into the picture, we got visibility into all our tooling and were like, "Now we know where we need to put our efforts to consolidate all this."

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Jeff Horne

CISO @Skydio

“I have used similar tools and I would say that a lot of those tools are very, very manual. They're built on top of IT teams that are doing app inventories in spreadsheets. Those tools don't really work if you're having visibility problems within the organization. Lumos is different. It ended up being a time saver for us.”

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David Schlesinger

Head of Security and IT, Divvy Homes

“What was very time consuming was auditing all of the different SaaS tools we use at Divvy. We needed a platform to really get on top of that, discover Shadow IT, make sure we can provision accounts to all those systems, deprovision accounts, and do so in a compliant way.”

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