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A story by Brian McGuiness, Vice President, IT Operations & Patrick Achuff, Staff IT Systems Administrator at Chegg

How Chegg Reduced TTR by 99% and Built a Culture of Self-Service for 2,500+ People

“Lumos has addressed at least 25% of our overall ticket volume for the past eight months—with very little human interaction.” -Patrick Achuff, Staff IT Systems Administrator

The Challenge

Brian McGuiness, Vice President, IT Operations & Patrick Achuff, Staff IT Systems Administrator at Chegg

Being VP of IT Operations at Chegg is no easy task. I have to ensure that our 2,500+ employees and contractors are getting access to the applications they need, while also making sure we stay compliant since we are a public company.

Unfortunately, our existing process in ServiceNow was very manual and it could take days for our employees to gain access, while also heavily straining my team’s resources. IT tickets weren’t ending anytime soon, and we needed a change.

I wanted to bring a culture of self-service to my organization. Not only would this give back my team tens of hours every week, but it also allowed us to work on more impactful initiatives that would move our company forward.

The Priorities

1. Automation

My IT team was inundated with access request tickets. We wanted to automate provisioning and enable self-service across the organization.

2. Productivity

I envisioned a world where Chegg’s employees loved leveraging an easy-to-use solution to get access to the applications they needed

3. Compliance

It was important that whatever approval systems we put in place kept us compliant with SOX and was easy to track in audit logs.

The Solutions

IT Tickets Replaced With a Self-Service AppStore

My team and I were able to roll out the AppStore and start seeing immediate value within 30 days. Now, people hit “/appstore” in Slack and pick the app they need. To built an efficient organization, we have to offer a omni-channel experience that includes Slack next to ServiceNow.

The good thing is that everything is logged in ServiceNow bi-directionally. Self-service automation drastically reduced our time-to-ticket resolution (TTR), while enabling our employees and managers to help themselves, either through Slack or the Lumos web app.

IT Removed As the Middle-Man While Still Maintaining Compliance

My team is no longer the mediator between app requesters and approvers, as Lumos allows them to take action or communicate directly. We were able to set up a secure framework to delegate administration to managers.

This enabled app provisioning within minutes-to-hours of the request, instead of days. Plus, Lumos’ audit logs made it easy for our team to track every request for visibility and to troubleshoot if any issues came up.

Widespread Adoption Through Word of Mouth

User adoption occurred naturally within our organization of over 2,500 people, with very little need for change management or top-down communication. People organically find the fastest path to get access and that’s Lumos.

Employees found the UI intuitive and easy to use, making the Lumos platform one of the most popular tools at Chegg, handling hundreds of app requests every week.

The Impact

25% of Tickets Resolved

Lumos has taken on the burden of application request tickets away from my team, and has been able to automatically resolve 25% of Chegg’s overall ticket volume, making it the number one ticket closer for Chegg. With the success our team has found with Lumos, we’re actively working on having Lumos resolve closer to 40% of our tickets.

TTR Down to< 1 Minute

By implementing self-service and enabling managers and business units to handle approvals themselves, Lumos was able to help bring down our TTR by 99.6%. Without IT intervention, employees can get access to the applications they need within a minute, allowing them to work more productively.

Compliant Processes +Productive Employees =Happy IT Team

Finding the balance between making sure our approval processes kept us compliant while also ensuring employee productivity was no easy task. Fortunately, the admin experience of Lumos ensures we’re not overexposing sensitive applications while enabling access in minutes.

Our employees love using Lumos and my team can sleep easy knowing that the proper (and secure) processes are being followed.

“We easily saved on software spend and delivered a fantastic employee experience even our CEO was impressed.”

Dai Phung, Head of IT – Secure Code Warrior
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