As technologists, we've always been fascinated by the power of software applications (aka apps).

Believe it or not, companies use 650 apps on average, challenging every IT and Security team in the world with:

  • Critical security breaches.
  • Exploding software spending.
  • Frustrating internal processes.

That’s why Lumos helps them to have their apps finally under control.It’s a big task; we need your help.

Remote by design. Connected by intention.

We are 100% remote, but don’t think for a moment that we’re remote in spirit. Whether you're a stone's throw from our offices in San Francisco and New York, or fully embracing the remote lifestyle, you'll feel deeply connected to all Alchemists. We bring everyone together with annual company offsites and in-person gatherings. Plus, every other week, our "Humans of Lumos" feature gives the floor to a team member to share their life stories and career journeys. It’s the perfect mix of face-to-face interaction and the flexibility of remote work.

The proof is in the music.

We admire pure human expression in all of its forms. That's why we consider Lumos something of an art project in itself. That's also why we created a playlist that helps us remember how we want people to feel when they interact with us.

Our international offsites mean the world to us

Hawaii 2020

Puerto Vallarta 2021

Puerto Vallarta 2022

Miami 2023

Miami 2024

Coming February 2025...