Don't Miss a Thing When People Change Teams or Leave

Automatically remove excessive apps and permissions so that HR and IT stay in sync.

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Manually tracking which employees have access to which apps is hard enough. Throw in events like employee offboarding or internal moves to other teams, and you’ve got an admin headache.

With Lumos, you can streamline the app offboarding process when employees change roles or leave the company.

Automatically Remove User Access

No need to rely on spreadsheets. Remove all access with "One-Click Offboarding" when an employee leaves.

Stop Terminated User Accounts in Their Tracks

Easily find accounts of terminated employees - especially from apps that are not SCIM-enabled - in your SSO provider.

Never Miss Another Role Change Again

Reduce over-provisioning on the spot. Let managers review their employees' access when they change roles.

“Offboarding is a huge headache. While it’s easy to turn off an employee’s email, it’s far more difficult to deprovision a user’s entire digital footprint. With Lumos, we can offboard employees with the push of a button—and be confident that it’s done right every time.”

David Fong
IT & Security Director @Formlabs

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