Your Company Is Hiring at Warp Speed. We’ll Help You Keep Up.

Help employees hit the ground running on day one with an onboarding solution built just for you.

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You're hiring more employees than ever before, and they’re working from everywhere.

That means one thing — you’re getting bombarded with help desk tickets asking for access to apps and permissions (and emails asking if you’ve seen their help desk ticket. You have.)

Let Employees Request Apps in Your AppStore

Set permissions and approve access for a specific length of time - all within Slack!

Deliver the Best Onboarding Experience

Before a new hire starts, Lumos will notify their manager and help them set up all apps for their new employee.

Share Apps That Are Job-Relevant

Not every employee needs access to every app. Avoid headaches by tailoring your AppStore based on employee roles.

“We didn’t have the regimen or platform we needed to set up the Access Review schedules with managers, application owners, and IT operations. Lumos helped us take control of the Access Review craziness.”

Mel Reyes
CIO/CISO @Getaround

SaaS and Identity Governance Without the Overhead

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