Self-Service for Employees. Baked-In Security for Admins.

Control permission sprawl and enable employees to quickly request access to the apps they need.

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Cut Down on IT Tickets for Access Requests

Save time and reduce help desk tickets. Your employees can discover, request, and get access to apps in minutes.

Manage Requests and Approvals Through Slack

Provide a consumer-grade experience to employees. Our Slack integration handles requests and approvals.

Want to grant access to employees based on their role? (Not every marketing person needs access to Salesforce. We checked.)

Configure the AppStore to Meet Your Security Needs

Define different approvers for different groups. Configure even multi-stage approvals with managers & admins.

Implement Least-Privilege Access

Grant employees access to apps and permissions only temporarily. Lumos logs everything for your audit reports.

“Self-service is a game-changer. Employees go to our AppStore to request the tools they need. Requests are automatically routed to approvers. Plus, everything is logged in our ITSM for audits.”

Ed Hirst
Director, IT Operations @Nasuni

SaaS and Identity Governance Without the Overhead

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