Quickly Cut Software Costs

Detect and remove unused licenses and Shadow IT while running more proactive renewal negotiations to save costs.

A single source of truth for your app and spend data.

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Sync all of your data across software spend, purchased licenses, account activity, and Shadow IT – and take action on it.

Easily Manage All Your App License Usage

Quickly identify costly licenses and unused accounts in the last 90 days across your entire tech stack and surface how much you could save by eliminating these accounts.


Pre-approve privileged access based on on-call schedules, like those in PagerDuty, for emergency access even at 2am.

Multi-Stage Approvals

Set multiple layers of approvals, including requiring security training completion, for your most protected data.

Time-Based Access

Give employees access for only a certain period of time and automatically deprovision access.

Collect Hard-To-Access Usage Data With Custom Integrations

Bring data from apps like Workato, Zapier, Okta Workflows, Domo, BigQuery, Datamart, and more into Lumos to find even more savings.

Decrease Spend By Removing Unused Licenses

Automatically remove unused licenses based on inactivity or over-provisioned license tiers by setting up inactivity triggers in Slack and eliminating accounts in a few clicks.

Reduce The Number of Paid Licenses

Create a pool of flexible licenses by leveraging time-based access and pre-approved access to decrease the number of overall licenses you need.

Foresee Contract Renewals to Save Costs

Keep track of upcoming renewals and use license usage data to proactively negotiate future contracts and realize cost savings.


Import vendor data from your invoice and contract lifecycle management systems to have a single source of truth for contracts.

Renewal Notifications

Get notified of upcoming renewals weeks or months in advance to avoid surprise negotiations.

License Usage

Sync your license purchase number with license usage data in Lumos to see if bought licenses have been allocated to employees.

Create Spend Reports By App and Employee

Leverage reports on software spend by application and employee for future budgeting and financial planning.


Stop Paying for Unused Apps and Licenses

Our calculator tells you how much you’ll save by eliminating unnecessary apps, reducing spend on pricey vendors, and leveraging automation.

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“Users maintaining licenses when no longer using software, or even worse when they left the company, is a major and costly problem. With Lumos, we solved this problem.”

Jeff Horne, Head of Security @ Skydio
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Govern Your Apps With One Platform

Easily manage SaaS spend, privileged access, and compliance.
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