Get Shadow IT & SaaS Spend Under Control

Take control over costs and compliance by uncovering shadow apps, unused licenses and terminated user accounts.

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Get Insights Into All The Apps Your Employees Use

Protect yourself from risky SaaS usage by finding all apps your employees are using - even those rogue purchases.

Address Permission Sprawl on Auto-Pilot

Become the master over your SaaS by identifying and removing unused licenses through Slack and email workflows.

Quantify SaaS License Savings

Bring all your app costs and usage into one view to detect overspending or redundant apps.

“Users maintaining licenses when no longer using software or even worse when they left the company is a major and costly problem. With Lumos, we were able to solve this problem.”

Thomas Clark
Director of Security and Technology Services @Mixpanel

SaaS and Identity Governance Without the Overhead

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