Streamline Your IT Helpdesk

Introduce self-service access requests to your organization to reduce the number of IT tickets while improving time-to-resolution with our IT automation platform.

A single source of truth for your app data

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Sync both SSO and non-SSO apps through the Lumos shadow IT finder to see all your data in one place – and take action on it.

Automate Access Requests

Set-up approval processes by individual apps and permissions, allow employees to request access via Slack or Lumos, and grant access within minutes without long ticket threads.

Slack-First Experience

Conduct requests and collect information needed for access approvals from approvers – all in Slack.

AI Ticket

Reflect all logs in your ITSM and deflect tickets with AI to ensure all access requests go through Lumos.

Entitlement-Level Configurations

Assign specific managers, admins, or groups as approvers for apps and permissions.

Maintain Security When Managing Access Requests

Leverage pre-approvals, multi-stage approvals, break glass and time-based access, and granular permissioning to protect access to sensitive data.


Pre-approve access to employees who meet certain criteria such as job function or whether they’re on-call.

Multi-Stage Approvals

Set up one – or multiple – layers of approvals for your most protected data.

Time-Based Access

Give employees access for only a certain period of time and automatically deprovision access.

Configure the AppStore via Lumos API

Bulk configure apps and permissions, auto-create entitlements linked to new push groups and make them visible in the AppStore, and set-up custom alerts – all through the Lumos API.

Save Time When Overseeing App-Related Tasks

Within a single inbox, easily manage all app-related activity and requests, as well as resolve request tickets in minutes.

Generate Auditor-Friendly Reports

Easily pull audit reports of all access requests conducted in your company from the activity log.


Reduce Time on Tickets, Increase Time on Innovation

Our calculator tells you how much time and $$$ you’ll save by eliminating mundane IT tickets and leveraging automation.

Calculate ROI
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“Support folks were getting burned out by doing the busywork of provisioning access to apps again and again. Lumos helped here. Lumos automates access requests and still logs everything in our ITSM. This raised the team morale!”

Mark Jaques, CISO @Vox Media
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