Make Auditors Love You

Accelerate User Access Reviews with audit-ready SOX, SOC2, and ISO27001 reporting.

Status Quo

Especially now, it's key to have a robust compliance process while supporting the business. However, as app access is exploding, preparing for audits can take days.

of users have excessive permissions.

The Challenge

“Our source of truth for all app access used to be all over. Spreadsheets, helpdesk tickets, email threads, and screenshots.”

Jason Patterson, Director of Cyber Risk at Nasuni

Take action like Jason and get a solution that helps you:

Get full visibility to see who requested, approved, and granted access.

Let managers perform quarterly access reviews with a user-friendly UX.

Instantly find accounts of terminated employees and take action.

Source of Truth for Access Data

Ingest employee information (e.g. the last time a person assumed a role), SSO groups from your identity provider, and deep entitlement data from direct integrations with both corporate and cloud apps (e.g. NetSuite CRUD permissions and AWS IAM groups). Need employee info from other apps? Pull it in via a custom API connector.

Delegated Reviews with Simple UX

Delegate a review to managers, app, or role owners. Send notifications and reminders through email or Slack to make sure they complete access reviews on time.

Instant Reporting

Generate audit-ready PDF/CSV reports for SOC, ISO, and SOX audits that show who has been approved/rejected, how the individual was removed, and the evidence of the removal.

Faster Access Reviews

User & Group Reviews

Perform user access reviews, privileged access reviews, and cloud entitlement reviews. Just apply the scoping review with filters such as access sensitivity or employment status.

Auto-Removing Access

Deprovision rejected users from direct integrations or apps tied to your IdP. Or, inform app admins to remove the account and upload evidence that they completed the task.

Intuitive UX

Provide a checklist-based UX that is built according to the Inbox Zero principle to ensure access reviews are completed. Enable reviewers to leave comments.

Say Goodbye to Spreadsheets & Tickets with Lumos

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