Provisioning & IT Workflows

Everybody needs access to everything - Said No One. Ever.

Prevent overprovisioning with time-based access controls, access reviews and role-based access.

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Keeping track of which accounts to deprovision can become a nightmare. 80% of all security breaches involve privileged access abuse.

As your company grows and employees change roles or get promoted, it’s important to ensure that employees have access to the apps they need.

The Right Access For The Right Amount Of Time

Grant employees access only for a limited time. Or, remove access when they stop using their app.

The Right Access For The Right People

Perform access reviews on a regular basis or when employees change roles to prevent unnecessary access.

The Right Access For the Right Roles

Make sure employees only see the permissions they are supposed to see and implement multi-stage approvals.

“Support folks were getting burned out by doing the busywork of provisioning access to apps again and again. Lumos helped here. Lumos automates access requests and still logs everything in our ITSM. This raised the team morale! We can focus more on strategic initiatives now.”

Mark Jaques
Director of Information Security @VOXMEDIA

SaaS and Identity Governance Without the Overhead

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