Compliance Readiness

Who Has Time To Scour Spreadsheets, Emails and IT Tickets?

Access Reviews. Vendor reviews. Least privilege controls. Easier than ever.

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Preparing for compliance audits shouldn’t take hours or involve huge spreadsheets. However, you need to have thorough vendor governance and access control policies in place to achieve SOC2, ISO27001 or SOX compliance.

There’s a better way to keep compliance prep from taking up so much of your time.

Make Least Privilege Part of Your Everyday

Least privilege is part of your workflow. Employees can only request access to the apps they need with a time limit.

Grant (and Log) Approvals

Orchestrate the right access approvals, whether it’s the manager or app owner. Log all access grants for audits.

Manage Vendor Security Reviews for High-Risk Apps

Find Shadow IT and stay on top of vendor reviews so that all of your apps have the right agreements in place (e.g. DPAs).

“Nailing access controls for audits is hard. Lumos makes it easy: tracking the approvals for access requests, automating user access reviews, implementing least-privilege access management, ... It’s the holy grail.”

Jason Patterson
Director of Cyber Risk Management @Nasuni

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