Just Cutting Costs Won’t Cut It

Improve processes developed in a bull market and regain control over your SaaS spend with our SaaS management platform.

Status Quo

Companies aren't just cutting software budgets. IT and Finance have the mandate to transform the company’s growth-oriented SaaS stack to a capital-efficient one.

of SaaS licenses go unused.

The Challenge

“We were tired of tracking software spending in Excel and burning capital on unused licenses.”

Mel Reyes, CIO/CISO at Getaround

Take action like Mel and get a solution that helps you:

Track software spending, license usage, and Shadow IT.

Streamline renewals and access grants across all your apps.

Reduce the average technology cost per employee.

Source of Truth

Centralize all your vendor data across Shadow IT, software spend, license information, and app usage in one platform. Lumos ingests data from SSO providers (e.g. Okta), invoice systems (e.g. NetSuite), CLMs (e.g. IronClad), and many more.

Renewal Management

Enable app owners to proactively negotiate renewals with better insight into app usage and future needs. Find unused licenses and let managers give feedback on whether a person still needs access in a collaborative license review experience.

License Removal Workflows

Leverage deep Lumos software integrations and identify costly, unused licenses. Automatically reclaim stale access by setting up advanced workflows through Slack or email.

30 Days
For Lumos to Pay for Itself

Decentralized App Management

Build infrastructure to administer software across your whole company. Our SaaS spend management platform enables app admins to streamline their software budgets, identify cost savings, reclaim unused licenses, and manage renewal workflows.

Flexible Pool of Licenses

Only provide access when needed instead of issuing birthright access, reducing your license footprint. Grant time-based access and prevent true-ups from happening throughout the year.

Granular Spend Reporting

Demonstrate your success to leadership by revealing the decrease in average technology cost per employee/dept. Streamline software chargeback processes between depts.

"Lumos paid for itself within the first 30 days of using it. We found multiple duplicate apps and automatically deactivated hundreds of licenses."

Mel Reyes, CIO/CISO at Getaround

Stop Paying for Unused Apps and Licenses

Our calculator tells you how much you’ll save by eliminating unnecessary apps, reducing spend on pricey vendors, and leveraging automation.

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Easily manage SaaS spend, privileged access, and compliance.
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