SaaS Management

Just Cutting Costs
Won’t Cut It

Most SaaS subscription management tools focus on reducing SaaS spend. Lumos gives you productivity, compliance & cost functionality.

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Fast-moving employees look to technology to get a competitive edge and boost productivity. They don’t worry about shadow IT, compliance violations, and security threats.

But IT and security does, and you can help your employees stay productive and compliant. You can also save your company big bucks while doing this.

Govern Shadow IT and Cut Spend on Redundant Apps

Discover shadow IT apps, calculate the savings potential, and auto-remove unused licenses.

Onboard Employees Faster Through Self-Service

Boost employee productivity by letting them request app access through your internal AppStore - no IT ticket needed.

Staying Compliant Has Never Been Easier

Access reviews, vendor reviews, and least privilege help keep you in compliance year-round, not just when it’s time for an audit.

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“We looked at many solutions. There were spend management tools. However, that's all they did and they were expensive. Lumos does so much more. Lumos automates access requests, access reviews and SaaS management — all in one platform.”

Mark Jaques
Director of Information Security @VOXMEDIA

SaaS and Identity Governance Without the Overhead

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