Leverage One Platform For All Your App Governance Needs

Slash software costs, enforce least privilege, streamline compliance, and automate your IT help desk – all in one place.

Automate IT Operations

Leverage self-service access requests and granular admin settings to reduce IT tickets and time-to-resolution.


Pre-approve privileged access based on on-call schedules, like those in PagerDuty, for emergency access even at 2am.

Multi-Stage Approvals

Set multiple layers of approvals, including requiring security training completion, for your most protected data.

Time-Based Access

Give employees access for only a certain period of time and automatically deprovision access.

Implement Least Privilege

Set-up the proper approval processes, and break glass and time-based access so employees have the appropriate level of access for their roles.

Provisioning Webhook

Automate provisioning to internal tools and applications that aren’t supported by your identity provider.

Deprovisioning Webhook

Automatically deprovision access to applications that were granted for only a period of time.

Pre-Approval Webhook

Create custom approval rules to pre-approve access based on certain criteria such as a specific job function, existence of a ticket, or whether an engineer is on-call.

Streamline Your Audits

Maintain compliance with a simplified access review process and one-click audit reports to keep your auditors satisfied.

Slash Spend from Unused Vendors & Licenses

Discover redundant apps, unused accounts, and Shadow IT and remove them or negotiate new contracts to realize cost savings.

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Govern Your Apps With One Platform

Easily manage SaaS spend, privileged access, and compliance.
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