Secure Your Org’s Data

Protect your most sensitive information with IT least privilege by setting up access policies so the right employees have access when they need it.

A single source of truth for your access and entitlement data.

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Sync your SSO apps, groups, and entitlements for both corporate and cloud apps to see all your data in one place – and take action on it.

Minimize Security Breaches

Implement advanced IT security least privilege features such as multi-stage approvals, break glass access, time-based access, and advanced permissioning to reduce access to sensitive data.

Break Glass

Pre-approve privileged access based on on-call schedules, like those in PagerDuty, for emergency access even at 2am.

Multi-Stage Approvals

Set multiple layers of approvals, including requiring security training completion, for your most protected data.

Time-Based Access

Give employees access for only a certain period of time and automatically deprovision access.

Ensure Secure Access to Apps Outside Your IdP

Automate access to internal tools and non-SCIM applications without sacrificing security with Webhooks or the Lumos API.

Provisioning Webhook

Automate provisioning to internal tools and applications that aren’t supported by your identity provider.

Deprovisioning Webhook

Automatically deprovision access to applications that were granted for only a period of time.

Pre-Approval Webhook

Create custom approval rules to pre-approve access based on certain criteria such as a specific job function, existence of a ticket, or whether an engineer is on-call.

Remove Unauthorized Access

Eliminate access for over-provisioned or terminated users in seconds with automated access removal workflows.

Manage Lumos Through Custom Integrations

Easily manage provisioning and infrastructure, rollback Lumos to earlier versions if there are configuration mistakes, and enforce peer reviews of configuration changes to avoid security mishaps with Terraform.

Generate Auditor-Friendly Reports

Quickly create access review reports and access approval reports in minutes to satisfy auditor requirements.


Privileged Access Without The Busywork

Our calculator tells you how much time (and headaches) you’ll save by reducing access to privileged systems and streamlining access reviews.

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"Most solutions out there were so restrictive from the employee user perspective that we knew there was no way we could drive the employee adoption and productivity we needed while also protecting access to sensitive accounts. Lumos helps us achieve both.”

Christian Wimpelmann, Head of IAM at Code42
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Easily manage SaaS spend, privileged access, and compliance.
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