IT & Security Live in Harmony

Eliminate excessive privileged access while enabling self-service for employees with our identity access governance solution.

Status Quo

IT and Security teams are asked to do the impossible. Enabling employees with fast access to systems, while ensuring that access is not abused.

of data breaches are due to privilege abuse.

The Challenge

“As we have grown, so have the number of apps and permissions. My goal was to build a robust IAM program to both reduce access and make it easier to request.”

Jared Allenbrand, Head of IT at Cresta

Take action like Jared and get a solution that helps you:

Deliver automated access to apps via employee self-service.

Let managers perform quarterly access reviews with a user-friendly UX.

Limit access to your most sensitive accounts and enforce least privilege.

Your Company AppStore

Offer a consumer-grade employee UX for discovering and requesting apps and access. Reduce friction with a Slack-first requesting experience.

Approval Flow Customization

Configure multi-stage approvals and make apps visible to only a restricted set of users. Require additional security steps such as MFA before granting access.

Access Reviews

Easily schedule and conduct user access reviews. Ingest access data from multiple systems, accelerate the reviews with a frictionless UX, auto-remove access, and easily create audit reports.

spreadsheets or Jira tickets needed.

Audit Log & SIEM Integration

Receive full visibility into who requested, approved, and granted access. Reflect all logs in your ITSM or stream all Lumos events into your SIEM of choice (e.g. Splunk, Datadog, Elastic, ...).

Automated On-/Offboarding

Provision access through direct integrations, group management within your SSO Provider, iPaaS platforms, or webhooks. Support joiner-mover-leaver workflows into any app.

Time-based Access

Grant temporary access when needed, reducing unused access. Or, automatically reclaim unused licenses through Slack workflows.

"With Lumos, we’ve been able to speed through compliance requirements, automate hundreds of IT tickets, and slash software costs with less unused licenses."

Jared Allenbrand, Head of IT at Cresta

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