Privileged Access Management

Protect Privileged Access Everywhere.

Enforce least-privilege with just-in-time access and make IAM your first line of defense.

Christian Wimpelmann, IAM Manager at Code42, Reduced Privileged Access by 67% with Lumos.

“Before Lumos, we granted permanent access to sensitive apps. With Lumos, we deploy time-based access for our most critical apps, ensuring employees get the right level of access for a limited period of time, helping to reduce privileged access by 67%.”

Grant Just-In-Time Access to Prod.

Request time-based access with a frictionless Slack experience and auto-remove when no longer needed.

Implement Break Glass Access for Customer Data

Automatically pre-approve access to customer data based on on-call schedules, like those in PagerDuty, for emergency access even at 2am.

Configure Policy-Based Approval Workflows

Configure multi-stage approvals on an entitlement-level and require additional security steps such as MFA before approving access.

“IT was bogged down in manual work. Lumos changed that, while reducing privileged access at the same time.”Christian Wimpelmann,IAM Manager at Code42

privileged access reduced.
access tickets automated.
4 min.
visibility of shadow IT.

Reduce Sensitive Access With Lumos

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