Say Goodbye to Access Sprawl

Enforce least privilege with just-in-time access and make IAM your first line of defense.

Status Quo

"Everybody needs access to everything!", said no IT leader... ever. However, 80% of all security breaches involve privileged access abuse.

of companies had a breach in the last 12 months;
74% of them as a result of over-privileged access.

The Challenge

“Once an employee gets access to an app or data, they rarely lose it – even when they change roles or stop using it. Just-in-time access became a necessity.”

Christian Wimpelmann, Head of IAM at Code42

Take action like Christian and get a solution that helps you:

Manage fine-grained access on an entitlement level.

Enable frictionless just-in-time access through Slack-first requests.

Ensure time-based access to privileged resources with auto-removal policies.

Just-In-Time Access

Make the secure path the easy path with a frictionless Slack requesting experience. Grant access for a limited period of time, and auto-remove when no longer needed.

Break Glass Access

Give engineers access to production data only when they need it. Automatically pre-approve privileged access based on on-call schedules, like those in PagerDuty, for emergency access even at 2am.

Policy Engine

Configure multi-stage approvals and make certain entitlements visible to a restricted set of users. Reduce security threats and require additional security steps such as MFA before granting access.

reduction in unused privileged access.

Audit Log & SIEM Integration

Receive full visibility into who requested, approved, and granted access. Reflect all logs in your ITSM or stream all Lumos events into your SIEM of choice (e.g. Splunk, Datadog, Elastic).

Lumos Extensibility

Leverage webhooks to provision users into internal tools or non-SCIM apps. Create custom approval rules to pre-approve access based on certain criteria such as a specific job function, existence of a ticket, or completion of a security training.

Delegated App Administration

Build infrastructure to enable app admins across your whole company to manage their own apps on one platform. Enable app admins to configure approval workflows and have full visibility of all changes in your activity log.

"Lumos is the new way to fight access sprawl with a great UX. We’ve rolled it out within 30 days and already automated hundreds of time-based requests."

Christian Wimpelmann, Head of IAM at Code42

Privileged Access Without The Busywork

Our calculator tells you how much time (and headaches) you’ll save by reducing access to privileged systems and streamlining access reviews.

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