Cut Your Support Costs in Half

Boost your operational efficiency with self-service automation and access requests.

Status Quo

2023 is all about doing more with less. IT leaders have the mandate to automate manual work that’s frustrating users and holding back valuable company resources.

18 Hours
is the average SLA of an IT Ticket.

The Challenge

“Almost 50% of our help desk tickets used to revolve around software access. It was time to shift from endless JIRA tickets to Slack-first self-service.”

Mark Jacques, Director of Information Security at Vox Media

Take action like Mark and get a solution that helps you:

Slash helpdesk ticket volume with self-service.

Encourage employee adoption through a Slack-first experience.

Automate access provisioning with configurable policies.

Your Company AppStore

Offer a consumer-grade employee UX for discovering and requesting apps and access. Ingest apps and roles from your SSO provider, direct integrations, or via API, and identify any app you may have missed through the Lumos Shadow IT Finder.

Slack-First Experience

Empower employees to request app and cloud access through Slack. Reduce time-to-resolution by enabling employees to message approvers and admins within Slack threads.

AI-Based ITSM Superpowers

Level up your reporting within your ITSM with full visibility into who requested, approved, and granted access. Auto-deflect access request IT tickets with AI to ensure all requests go through the Lumos approval workflows.

4 Minutes
is the average time-to-resolution with Lumos.

Powerful Policy Engine

Configure multi-stage approvals and designate managers, individual app admins, or groups as approvers. For privileged access or expensive licenses, assign additional approvers or make certain permissions only visible to a restricted set of users.

Automated Provisioning

Provision access into corporate apps, cloud providers, developer tools, and internal tools through direct integrations, group management within your SSO Provider, iPaaS platforms or webhooks.

Least Privilege Mastery

Grant access for a limited period of time and auto-remove when no longer needed with least privilege. Pre-approve sensitive access based on on-call schedules, like those in PagerDuty, for emergency access even at 2am.

“Self-service is a game-changer. Employees go to our AppStore to request app access. Requests are routed to approvers. Provisioning is automated. Plus, everything is logged in our ITSM for audits.”

Mark Jacques, Director of Information Security at Vox Media

Reduce Time on Tickets, Increase Time on Innovation

Our calculator tells you how much time and $$$ you’ll save by eliminating mundane IT tickets and leveraging automation.

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