IT Heroes Are Here For Us

Companies run smoothly because of IT talent. These are their stories, lessons learned, and insights.

In this series, we shine a spotlight on those who enable companies to go the distance every day: IT Heroes. Regardless of the obstacles thrown their way, they consistently support employees, increase productivity, and decrease costs....all while finding time to polish their skills and innovate.

Who should we spotlight next? Nominate Your IT Heroes!

Fill out this quick form to easily nominate your favorite people in IT. What makes an IT Hero? Anyone currently working in IT with a few years of IT experience under their belt who works tirelessly to support their company regardless of the circumstances. So, go on, tell us who to celebrate next.

Richard Choi

Title: Head of IT
Superpower: Thrill-seeker who creates order out of chaos.

Richard will both jump in a (luxury) sports car with you to fly down the freeway and help you figure out the best way to build strategy around your most complex tech issues. In discussions with us, he dives into the #1 misperception of IT, how to prevent burnout, and leading by building community.

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Richard Choi
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Nicole Holmes

Nicole Holmes

Title: IT and Information Security Executive
Superpower: Heart-centered leader who creates alignment in high-risk environments.

Nicole can show off her axe-throwing skills one minute (we know, we’ve been there!) and discuss how leaders respond to revenue and business operations impact the next. Hear how she says salespeople should approach those in IT and best ways to show IT impact to senior leaders.

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Mel Reyes

Title: CIO & CISO
Superpower: Super connector who builds community through elevating and educating those around him.

Mel will invite you on a hike, not mention that it’s all uphill, and then praise you for challenging yourself when you reach the top. That's Mel - there’s room for everyone at the top…especially in IT. Here, he shares about not wanting IT in his title and ensuring people of color have a seat at the IT table.

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Mel Reyes

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