Manage Access on Auto-Pilot

Do more with less by automating employee onboarding and offboarding workflows.

Status Quo

Operational efficiency is a key initiative for 2023. IT leaders have the mandate to automate manual work and do more with less.

of companies have a data breach linked to former employees.

The Challenge

“Employee onboarding and offboarding are time-sensitive tasks. It was key for us to automate to reduce manual work and human error.“

David Fong, IT & Security Director at Formlabs

Take action like David and get a solution that helps you:

Auto-remove user access for both SSO and non-SSO apps.

Instantly find accounts of terminated employees and take action.

Deliver automated access to apps via employee self-service.

One-Click Onboarding

Notify IT admins and/or managers via email or Slack when there’s a new hire. Once notified, admins and/or managers can request the apps the new hire needs to get up to speed from day one.

One-Click Offboarding

Remove all access with offboarding workflows when an employee leaves. Configure advanced actions like transferring user data to managers or wiping all session tokens.

SSO & Non-SSO Coverage

Find accounts of terminated employees - especially from apps that are not SCIM-enabled - in your SSO provider. Reach out to app admins, request access removal, and log in your source of record to keep your auditor fully informed.

access removed during offboarding.

Less Birthright Access

To decrease birthright access, configure what roles are pre-approved for which access and for how long. For example, pre-approve access to collaboration apps like Lucidchart to reduce the number of assigned licenses.

Access Reviews for Movers

Reduce over-provisioning on the spot and let managers review their employees' access when they change roles. Accelerate the reviews with a frictionless UX, auto-remove access, and easily create audit reports.

Time-Based Access

Remove the need for role-based access and reduce unused access for role movers by granting temporary access for when it’s needed. Or, automatically reclaim unused licenses through Slack workflows.

“It’s extremely difficult to deprovision a user’s entire digital footprint. With Lumos, we can offboard employees with the push of a button—and be confident that it’s done right every time.”

David Fong, IT & Security Director at Formlabs

Turn on Auto-Pilot for Onboarding and Offboarding with Lumos

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