Identity Governance
Erin Geiger, Director of Content at Lumos

What Is an Identity Governance Solution?

An identity governance solution helps you maintain, streamline, and automate the management of digital identities for your organization’s software stack.

An identity governance solution helps you maintain, streamline, and automate the management of digital identities for your organization’s software stack. Identity governance is about developing secure, simple, efficient methods for handling software permissions—and the best identity governance solutions make that much easier.

Now, all that said, you don’t just want to pick any old identity governance tool; you need something that is functional, comprehensive, and works with your workflow. The last thing any organization wants is to add yet another piece of software to their already-growing stack. And though a lot of software solutions for identity governance do exist, few provide the flexibility, scalability, and user-friendliness that most organizations need.

If you’re looking to learn more about how these tools can help you and your organization, look no further. We at Lumos have put together a brief overview of identity governance tools and what they can bring to your operations. We’d also like to make our case for why you should work with us—and why our software has already helped many organizations get their software stack on track.

What Is Identity Governance?

Identity governance (also known as IGA or “identity governance administration”) is a set of principles and processes for how an organization maintains user access to its software. When a company uses one or more software solutions to carry out operations, it needs to develop a system for tracking who in the company can use software—and if so, which softwares they have access to and what features of that software they can and can’t use. That’s where identity governance administration (IGA) steps in to help out, providing guidelines and guardrails for an organization’s cybersecurity efforts.

Cybersecurity isn’t the only benefit of using an identity governance framework. For example, establishing an IGA framework helps with employee onboarding by streamlining the “software access” portion of hiring new staff. IGA frameworks also help generate detailed reports on software spending—something that IGA also helps mitigate. Many organizations spend more money on software than they need to, either by purchasing redundant software or simply buying more licenses than they actually need. The best IGA solutions help you find the redundancies in a software stack, making it much easier to trim down spending without trimming down functionality for a business.

Which tool is used for identity governance and administration? Typically, it’s best to use a software solution that’s specifically designed for IGA and its related frameworks. Tools like Lumos are not only equipped for IGA, but IAM (identity access management), PAM (privileged access management), and anything related to access management. As evidenced by our happy customers, we know how to turn the challenges of IT management into a process that saves money, time, and stress for your company.

So What Does an IGA Solution Do, Exactly?

An IGA provides several ways to automate, simplify, and streamline your processes for handling digital identities. These digital tools can have a lot of features and options, but ultimately they all exist to make your IGA process cheaper, more secure, and easier to manage. The best IGA solutions—like ours at Lumos—will do things like…

  • Consolidate your organization’s digital identities into a unified identity governance dashboard, where you can easily see (and handle) all your software permissions.
  • Improve and simplify compliance for an organization, thanks to easy auditing and reporting.
  • Streamline the employee onboarding process by creating a portal where staff can request access to software as needed.
  • Provide actionable insights on software spending, and save money by eliminating unused licenses, automating repetitive tasks, and freeing up your IT heroes to address tickets.
  • Eliminate potential security gaps by using scheduled, automatic reviews for your software licenses—including automatic offboarding for employees who are moving on from the company.
  • Create custom approval-based workflows for software that maintain security while eliminating time spent on software requests.
  • Better management of operations, budget, cybersecurity, and the organization overall!

There is a reason Lumos is at the top of the list for identity governance and administration vendors. We’re not only experts at what we do, but we truly care about the IT teams who make these processes possible. We understand the hard work it takes to run a software stack, and we also know that a happier, stress-free IT team also makes for a better organization. That’s why our software is designed for the IT crowd, by the IT crowd: for a better organization overall. Through our comprehensive platform, your software stack will get cleaner, safer, and of course, less expensive. What’s not to love about any of that?

If you’d like to see the power of Lumos firsthand, sign up for a demo today. We look forward to meeting you and helping your IT heroes shine!