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Erin Geiger, Director of Content at Lumos

IT Holiday Gift Guide 2022

Here's a bunch of great gifts that your IT squad is sure to appreciate.

The holidays are just around the corner and no one in our crazy, app-loaded, work-from-home, oops-I-downloaded-a-virus lives deserves a gift more than your heroes in IT. (speaking of IT Heroes, head over here to check out our new video series spotlighting leaders in IT - you could be next!)

But what do you get for your resident tech genius? Your wi-fi wizard? Your app attainer?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you with our IT Holiday Gift Guide!

Here's a bunch of great gifts that your IT squad is sure to appreciate, thoughtfully organized depending on type of gift and budget ($ to $$$$). This list is also great to keep bookmarked for when people ask you for gift ideas - no more random gifts you’ll never use that’ll end up at the next white elephant party.

Note: you can get a holiday list full of cashmere sweaters and socks anywhere…but that’s not the Lumos way. We’ve created this curated list of unique gifts spanning from clever to comical sure to bring a smile to everyone on your list.

Apparel & Accessories

• 80sTees.com ($) – From Transformers to Cheers, Gandalf to G.I. Joe, you’ll find a HUGE selection of pop culture T-shirts and hoodies from shows you love – and ones you barely remember.

• Packable Compact Travel Pillow ($$$) – Everyone deserves to have their neck cradled in a fluffy foam cloud. EVERYONE.

• Computer Nerd Socks ($) – An adorably geeky slam dunk.

• Multifunction Utility Bracelet ($$) -- Wanna feel like a 21st century MacGyver? We got you.

• Troubadour Pioneer Backpack ($$$$) – Simply because their laptops deserve better.

For the Foodies

• Nachosaurus Snack and Dip Set ($) – Chips? Yes. Dips? Yes. The perfect gift to enjoy the perfect snack? RAWR!

Sriracha Spice Blend Set ($$) – If you or the recipient even says “flavortown” in reference to this gift, you’ll be asked to leave.

Edible Food Crayon Set ($$) – And they always said eating your crayons was “WEIRD” and “DISTURBING.” Take THAT, Mrs. McGillicuddy!

Make Your Own Fortune Cookies Set ($$) – Imagine the possibilities when you hand over the power of the fortune cookie gods to your favorite IT person!

Talking Pints Conversation Glassware ($$) – Want to get that small talk started? Let these glasses do the heavy lifting!

Swivel Cheese Board Set ($$$) – Part cheese plate, part Transformer, all excellent gift!

Rainbow Serving/Charcuterie Board ($$$) – “You’re eating off a skateboard deck.” “No, I’m not!” “Actually, you are.”

Home & Office

• Statues and Figures from BOXLUNCH ($) – From samurai to Saiyan, Pokémon to plushies, if your IT person has a favorite character, you’ll find a great collectible here!

Upcycled Floppy Disk Notebooks ($) – Nothing speaks to your inner geek like some retro tech…on some even older retro tech.

USB Video Conference Mute Button ($) – Do we really have to tell you why this is awesome?

Equation Geek Clock ($$) – What time is it? This clock is made for those who did well in math and science. The rest of us … can just use a digital one.

F-Bomb Paperweight ($$) – Anyone that’s worked in IT longer than a minute has absolutely dropped an F-Bomb. So why not just have one on their desk?

Heating/Cooling Beverage Base with Wireless Charging ($$$$) -- No geeky desk is complete without a little tech, and this gadget delivers, combining a wireless phone charger with a pad to keep your soda cool or your coffee hot.

Health & Wellness

• Mindfulness Dice ($) – Perfect for when it’s time to log off and relax.

COOP Homegoods Pillow ($$$) – Can a pillow change your life? Well, it can at least keep your head cool and supported.

Mental Health and Self-Care Crate ($$) – Does this really require explanation?

Theragun Mini ($$$) – IT-ing is hard. Getting in a quick massage shouldn’t be.

AeroGarden Harvest Indoor Garden ($$$) – Because eating healthy starts at home… with a super cool, tech-loaded table garden.

Sports & Recreation

• Golf Club Bottle Openers ($$$) – We can all agree that the 19th hole is the best hole, right?

Basketball Wastebasket ($$) – Everyone does it. Now make it look official and classy with a backboard and everything!

Snow Ski Wine Rack ($$) – Perfect for their opulent ski chalet. Or their 2BR downtown.

Penny Soccer Game ($$$) – Tabletop gaming without all the messy dice, tokens, or fake moneys.

Backyard Pong Golf ($$$$) – Did they just combine cornhole and beer pong? Yes, yes, they did.

Deep Geekery

• Planet Lollipops ($) – The first one who asks how Uranus tastes can just leave the room. Go on, get out.

Build Your Own Bluetooth and FM Radio ($$$) – Let your inner Marconi out with a DIY retro radio!

Leather-Bound NYT Star Wars Collection ($$) – A collection of Star Wars news stories? In a leather-bound book? From the New York Times? Yes please.

NES Classic Edition ($$$) – This one’s a no-brainer for your old-school gamer!

• Steampunk Tesla Watch ($$$) – For when you want to do cosplay in the office but HR isn’t quite there yet, this accessory helps your geek flag fly under the radar.

So, there you go, a wide range of niche gifts for your favorite IT people.

And remember to be nice all year long… because they can see your search history. (I mean, you knew that, right? It’s a WORK laptop, Chad.)