IT Holiday Gift Guide 2023

You can get a holiday list full of golf clubs and socks anywhere…but that’s not the Lumos way.

by Erin Geiger, Director of Content at Lumos

We’re back with our annual IT Holiday Gift Guide with an even better selection for 2023! Come to think of it, bookmark this page as a resource throughout the year (*cough* System Administrator Appreciation Day is in July).

These thoughtful presents range in price, interest, and skill level (you’ll see what we mean) to match every person (IT or not) on your list!

Note: you can get a holiday list full of golf clubs and socks anywhere…but that’s not the Lumos way. We’ve created this curated list of unique gifts spanning from clever to comical sure to bring a smile to everyone on your list.

Pricing Key

$$$$ - $500+

$$$ $100+

$$ $50+

$ under $50

Apparel & Accessories

Mongolian Cashmere Pullover Hoodie ($$) - Tired of your friend or significant other wearing those free tees they get at conferences? (except for the Lumos ones…those are 🔥) Gift them this fitted cashmere hoodie to elevate their look and your fashion cred.

Air Jordan 13 Retro Sneakers ($$$) I mean, just look at these. You’d probably never have to buy that person another gift again. It’s that good.

Garmin fenix 7S - Solar Edition ($$$$) This gadget of a watch tracks heart rate and oxygen levels, monitors fitness stats, and keeps music bumpin’ from your wrist, all while including solar charging. Boss.

Josey Records ($) Music memorabilia, vinyl, tees and hats, video games…we got distracted browsing this shop and barely finished the rest of this guide in time. Wait, they even have turntables…

For the Foodies

Drink Smoking Starter Kit ($$) - This is the gift everyone will be fighting over at this year’s White Elephant party. Using the included butane torch (fire!), infuse toasted flavors into your favorite cocktails with a smoky and crowd-pleasing appearance.

Popsmith ($) - This gift is poppin’! (see what we did there) Come for the all-inclusive popcorn making kits and stay for the stovetop popper that is sure to make some of the tastiest kernels you’ve ever had. Get it for those who enjoy a date night at home or a fun family movie night during the holidays…nestled near a warm fire and cozy blanket.

Modern Optic Coupe Glasses ($$) - An impressive way to showcase any beverage, sparkling or otherwise, for your holiday host.

Ice 101 Starter Set ($$) - You know how you go to some restaurants and they have the coolest ice cubes? Like the big orbs or perfect squares? This set makes these! At your house! Ahem…at the person’s house that you’ll be gifting these to…

San Mai Kitchen Knife Set ($$$) This knife set “is masterfully forged from ultra-hard AUS-10 steel, boasting a 62+ HRC that ensures a surgically sharp blade.” We’re sure the chef you know will understand what that means and be super impressed.

Chef Series Knife Set ($$$) The perfect starter knife set for the person that’s, you know, just starting out with…knives.

Bread, Pasta, and Pastry Delivery ($$) Sourdough breads, artisanal pastries, and fresh pasta. That’s all that needs to be said about this one.

Simply Elegant Personalized Cutting Board ($) Have your giftee’s name engraved in this cutting board. Some of them come with a juice groove. Give this to a friend that will appreciate a juice groove.

Premier Chef’s 10” Knife ($$$) Yes, another knife on this list. But listen, the description said that some cooks prefer a larger chef’s knife. So, here you go. Bases covered.

ButcherBox ($$) This box isn’t just for grill masters. We’re talking holiday hams, gourmet meats, seafood…there’s even a box for brunch. New Year’s Day plans = DONE.

Home & Office

Small Transparent Glass Speaker ($$$$) - Perfect for the tinkerer in your life. You know, that lovable person that takes (your) stuff apart just to see how it works…

M18 Fuel 18V Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Hammer Drill and Impact Driver Combo Kit ($$$) - Honestly, the name says it all…but think of all the projects the DIYer in your life can start and never finish!

Mid Century Modern Raised Dog Bed ($$$) - For the dog that gives everyone side-eye when they don’t meet his/her standards. You know the one. This bed can be customized to their liking, right down to the colors of the mattress and the bed itself.

Twinkly ($$) Who doesn’t love bright and shiny things? After the year we all had, everyone is looking for something to brighten their day - what better than twinkle lights. We’ll tell you what's better - twinkle lights that react to sounds and music in real-time!

KBD8X MKIII Mechanical Keyboard ($$$) There are four steps in ordering one of these keyboards. Four. Some of those steps include selecting your PCB+Foam kit, your weight bar, and if you want a polycarbonate plate for your keyboard. This almost went into the Deep Geekery category.

Secretlab MAGNUS Pro Desk ($$$$) This is no ordinary sit-to-stand desk. This one has a fully-integrated power supply column, best-in-class cable management, and a personalized magnetic desk mat. This one also almost went into the Deep Geekery category.

Specter Labs Custom Gaming Mouse Pads and Desk Mats ($) Make their computer space a masterpiece with these sets - choose a piece of art your giftee would like, and bam! They’ll immediately feel superior and cultured.

Health & Wellness

Seaside Mint Self Sanitizing Water Bottle ($$$) - Apparently, “it uses UV-C LED light to eliminate up to 99.9999% of bio-contaminants from your water and bottle.” Holiday party guests double-dipping in the punch bowl? The recipient of this gift will be unbothered as they take a swig from this germaphobe health-conscious jug.

Acupressure Mat Set ($$) - They had us at “gentle stimulators that activate points across the body”. Know anyone, ANYONE, that felt a bit of stress in 2023? Let their anxiety wash away with luxurious linen and coconut(!) fiber.

Sports & Recreation

MasterClass Membership ($) - School’s never out for the pro, right? This one could have fit within any of the gift guide categories, but these videos are as entertaining as they are educational, so ‘Recreation’ it is! Learn from the best to polish your skills or learn something new.

Xtreme Xperience Racing ($$$) - The car aficionados and adrenaline junkies on your list will love getting this in their stocking. Whether on a race track or an open road, the wind will whip through their hair (well, not really…since the windows will be rolled up - safety first!) as they hurtle down the road in anything from a Lambo to a Ferrari!

Burton Camber Snowboard ($$$$) Yes, this snowboard is supposed to give you extra power plus control, but also, it’s GLOW IN THE DARK.

ANON Sync Goggles + Lens ($$$) While you’re out dominating the slopes, how about looking awesome while you’re doing it? And they help you see better too.

Solo Stove Bonfire 2.0 ($$$) - An on–the-go bonfire? What could possibly go wrong? Perfect for the entertainer and scene-stealer in your life.

Deep Geekery

PULSE Explore Wireless Earbuds ($$$) - As if today’s video games aren’t realistic enough, these bad boys propel lifelike audio straight to your favorite gamer’s earholes. Plus, two hidden microphones (with AI-enhanced noise rejection) will ensure everyone in the chat will hear their words of encouragement loud and clear.

Handheld Spin Scrubber ($) - For the friend who wants their floors to shine like the top of the Chrysler building (20 points to anyone who gets that reference), this powerful yet environmentally friendly tool does the job and then some. Also ideal for the sneaker freak fan who has to keep their kicks spot-free.

Leatherman Signal ($$$) You probably have a person in your life that is always prepared for anything. This is not for that person. They probably already have this. This is for that person that is never prepared.

Avengers Tower ($$$$) Know a Marvel superfan? Their mission, if they choose to accept it - assemble the Avengers Tower made of 5,201 pieces of (almost) 3 foot tall Avengers magic. PLUS IT COMES WITH 31 MINIFIGS!!

Ahsoka Tano’s T-6 Jedi Shuttle ($$) The description says this set is geared toward ‘young Star Wars fans’ but we call BS. From padawans to Jedi, everyone strong with the Force will have a blast (get it, blast? Like a blaster gun from Star Wars? You get it.)