The G2 Fall 2022 Grid Reports are Out and We Have Three Reasons to Celebrate

We are stoked to announce that Lumos was named a Leader in the G2 Fall 2022 Grid reports!

by Sandi Green, Product Marketing @Lumos

Lumos was named in 22 reports across three categories, including SaaS Spend Management, SaaS Operations Management, and User Provisioning and Governance, Lumos received recognition for usability, implementation time, estimated ROI, and quality of support.

Here are some of the badges that stood out for us:

Quality of Support: No one wants to spend time deciphering documentation or chasing down their account manager when deploying new software. Lumos delivers white-glove support to our customers from the initial kickoff through their first access reviews with the goal of making the IT team’s life easier, not more complicated.

Ease of Use: Time is money, and IT teams are running low these days. With Lumos, we make it easy for IT teams to cut down on busywork with workflows and integrations into their tech stack. Instead of spending hours chasing down teammates or building VLOOKUPs, IT teams can spend more time on meaningful projects.

Easiest Setup: The last thing any busy IT team needs is another implementation project. With Lumos, you can get up and running in hours, not months. Mention Shadow IT app discovery.

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Three Reasons Why We’re Celebrating:

1. Customer 🧡 is Real

Our customers are IT superheroes looking to cut costs, manage compliance, and be a service arm to their customers - internally and externally. Lumos takes a fresh approach to help them solve these challenges with a single platform where IT teams can get better visibility and control over their environments without adding to their overhead.

2. G2 is the O.G. of Technology Ranking

The G2 Grid Report is the industry standard for ranking which software products have the most satisfied customers and largest presence in the market. We are thrilled and humbled to make it into the Leader and High Performer categories, thanks in large part to our customers’ reviews and feedback.

3. We’re Just Getting Started

We emerged from stealth mode in May - just four months ago - and achievements like this let us know that we’re on the right track. It's one thing to believe that you’re building something special. It’s another thing to hear from many of customers that they agree and that you’re helping them solve big challenges.

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