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Make your employees more productive and your enterprise more compliant with self-service app requests, access reviews, and license management.

Sandi Green, Product Marketing @Lumos
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Employees shouldn’t be admins for hundreds of web apps with excessive permissions. But then again, nobody wants to be stuck in IT ticket queues for days to get the right access. Lumos is the first internal AppStore for companies. Make your employees more productive and your enterprise more compliant with self-service app requests, access reviews, and license management.

Productivity Boost

Nobody wants to be stuck in IT ticket queues for hours to get the right access. Empower your employees to request access to apps and permissions through your Self-Service AppStore.

Compliance Readiness

Automate time-consuming quarterly SOC2/SOX user access reviews and implement least-privilege access through time-based access requests. Your auditors will love it.

Access Request Audit Log

Find all your shadow IT apps and unnecessary SaaS spend through Lumos. Become the master over your SaaS spend by identifying and removing stale licenses through Slack & email workflows.

Self-Service With a Superb Experience

Self-Service Web App

Give employees the freedom to browse and request access to company-approved apps. Cut down on support tickets with automated provisioning, app requests, and approvals.

Slack Requests & Messaging

Get help from where your employees are already working. Our Slack integration lets users request access to apps, communicate with IT, and manage approvals.

Time-Based Access Requests

Minimize security risks due to overprovisioning by granting access to apps for a limited time. Handle the entire workflow - including quick approval - via Slack.

Intercepting & Resolving IT Tickets with AI

Bring down time to resolution. When someone opens an access request IT Ticket in your ITSM, Lumos auto-detects that and automatically kicks-off the approval & provisioning workflow.

Configuration Superpowers for Admins

Group Provisioning

Need access to a specific app group, such as Zoom Pro or Zoom Basic or AWS Stage or AWS Production? Lumos adds employees to the right groups in your SSO platform.

Group & Multi-Stage Approvals

Select approvers to be managers, groups configured in your SSO platform or specific individuals. Configure multi-stage approvals with both managers and app admins.

Permission-Based Approvals

Be granular and define different approvers for different permissions. For example, AWS Read access needs only manager approval, whereas AWS Admin access needs the thumbs-up from an app admin.

Manual Steps & Instructions

Share app-specific instructions to employees so that IT gets all of the info they need. In case your app
is not SCIM-configured, Lumos can auto-inform the app admin to take additional steps.

Easy Compliance Enforcement

Automated Access Reviews

Say goodbye to the endless spreadsheets, VLOOKUPs, IT tickets, and back-and-forth with your auditor. Lumos makes it easy for companies complete user access reviews.

Self-Service Access Review Reports

Speed up compliance prep. Lumos automatically removes rejected user privileges or inform app admins to do so. Generate auditor-friendly reports to receive your certification quickly.

Access Request Audit Log

Gather all the access evidence you need for audits. Keep track of every access request and approval across your enterprise within Lumos or through an integration with your ITSM.

User-Friendly SaaS Management

Shadow IT Discovery

Find all the apps your employees are using with AI- powered discovery - even those rogue purchases. No endpoint agent or network access required.

SaaS Spend Reporting

Detect overspending, redundant apps & identify quick RoI on your SaaS apps by bringing app costs & usage into one view.

Licenses Automation

Become the master over your SaaS spend by identifying unused licenses and removing them through Slack & email workflows.

One-Click Offboarding

Protect your company’s data by revoking access to apps and resources, regardless of whether they’re managed by your SSO Provider.

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