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Sandi Green, Product Marketing @Lumos

How This Media Company Increased Efficiency While Helping Their IT Team Avoid Burnout

To Jaques and Vox Media’s IT team, Lumos has been a “game-changer”

I sat down with Mark Jaques, the Director of Information Security at Vox Media, to talk about how his team used Lumos to improve security and account tracking during two big acquisitions and an audit. Before Lumos, Jaques and his team were using a variety of tools to manage employee accounts and security, causing them to move slowly and inefficiently.

During our chat, I was happy to learn that Jaques estimates that Lumos helped them cut down their time spent on these tasks by 20% by offering a way for them to easily give their employees various levels of access to different applications and ultimately track access during audits.

But, while Jaques anticipated that Lumos would help them manage security during audits and acquisitions, he found that it also impacted other parts of the company. One significant area of impact? Lightening the load placed on their IT team.

Remote IT Teams Are Working Harder Than Ever

Jaques noticed that as the pandemic pushed more and more of Vox Media’s IT employees into remote positions the team was experiencing increasing levels of burnout. They used to be in an office, interacting with the rest of the company face-to-face and helping solve problems.

During this time, the task of administering access to applications was a secondary part of their jobs. Now, because of the remote nature of nearly the entire Vox Media team, the IT employees are spending more time provisioning and deprovisioning access to all types of applications and spending less time actually solving the technical problems that are being sent their way.

Now Remote IT Teams Can Do Their Jobs Better

It’s simple. With Lumos, IT teams can spend less time provisioning accounts and more time fixing computer issues. When the Vox Media IT team implemented Lumos they found that morale began to improve as their employees no longer had to spend all of their time following up on tickets and opening and closing accounts. Less time spent chasing accounts + more time to complete their actual IT tasks = a happy IT team.

Jaques estimated that before Lumos, when they were doing it all manually, multiple people’s full time roles were likely being taken up by provisioning and deprovisioning access to accounts. Now, they are able to steer people towards Lumos’ AppStore to request apps and accounts, allowing their team to operate without having to use any human time or energy on the digital paperwork involved in provisioning these accounts.

To Jaques and Vox Media’s IT team, Lumos has been a “game-changer,” and since it takes a matter of seconds to implement, they are always looking for more ways to use the app to save their company time and money. They are excited to have Lumos along side as they work to merge with the companies they have recently acquired and seamlessly make their way through future audits.

Download the case study to learn more about all the ways Lumos impacted Vox Media’s efficiency and bottom line.