Identity Governance
Erin Geiger, Director of Content at Lumos

Identity Governance and Administration Vendors

Learn how to select the right identity governance and administration vendor to enhance your company’s security and efficiency.

Identity governance and administration (IGA) solutions help organizations control and monitor access to the tech stack. But how do you make sure that you’ve selected the right IGA solution? We’re here to guide you through the ins-and-outs of IGA platforms, highlighting the vendors and the innovative technologies they bring to the table. As we explore the philosophy of IGA and the components of good IGA tools, you’ll learn how to select the best vendor for your organization. Prepare to unravel the complexities of IGA and learn how the right solution and vendor can be a game-changer.

What Is Identity Governance and Administration?

Identity governance and administration refers to the strategies and technologies used to control who can access your organization’s systems and data. An effective identity governance framework allows only the right people to have the right level of access at the right time—for the right reasons. 

One way to think of your IGA framework is like a rulebook for a board game. It sets the guidelines for who can do what within the system. As each “player” or user begins, there are several important steps to make sure everyone is playing fairly: 

  1. Onboarding: Onboarding in an IGA framework is like the setting up phase of a game; every piece must be placed correctly for the game to function properly. Users should be assigned their log in credentials and receive comprehensive policy education. One of the main goals of onboarding is making sure users understand their responsibilities and the security measures they must comply with.
  2. Access control: After users understand the policies, they should be given the correct level of access based on their role. This ensures that each person can only reach the areas of the system that are necessary for their work, like how players in a game might have certain powers or areas they can access based on their specific character. 
  3. Regular audits and reviews: Just as a board game might have rules for playing fairly or checks to prevent cheating (whether intentional or unintentional), an IGA framework requires regular audits to ensure compliance with established policies. These reviews help identify any misalignments or abuses of access rights—essentially verifying that everyone is following the rules. 
  4.  Offboarding: After the game is over, it’s time to clean up and return each player’s pieces to the box so nothing gets lost or taken. In the context of IGA, offboarding should involve revoking access rights when a user’s role comes to an end. Offboarding should be thorough and quick—check that all access privileges are properly rescinded and all company data is accounted for and secured immediately. 

Why Is Identity Governance and Administration Important?

Implementing an IGA framework can help prevent unauthorized access to company resources, reduce the risk of data breaches, and ensure compliance with various regulatory requirements. 

What Is an Identity Governance and Administration Use Case?

Let’s take a look at a common scenario: a (made up for this example) SaaS startup, CloudClimb, just received their first major wave of funding and they need to quickly scale their team from 10 employees to 140. As the CEO starts hiring, the IT team quickly becomes overwhelmed with managing user access. After all, the tech stack currently stands at 75 different applications—with rapid growth as new employees bring in new tech—and each role has its own specific provisioning needs. Evaluating new apps and then manually providing the right level of access for the existing tech stack on top of all the other IT duties is nearly impossible. 

So what did CloudClimb do? They turned to Lumos for an end-to-end solution to streamline their processes and enhance security. With Lumos, the IT team was able to implement a comprehensive IGA framework that automated and secured user access management. As each new developer joined the company, Lumos’s automated system kicks in, assigning the developer access to essential systems like code repository, internal communication tools, and the project management platform. If the employee needs any additional apps, they can simply request access through the self-service catalog. Through Lumos, CloudClimb’s IT team was able to simplify and improve the onboarding process, keeping up with the rate of business growth without sacrificing security.

Onboarding is just the start of what IGA tools like Lumos can accomplish. Let’s take a closer look at identity governance tools before jumping into how to select the best IGA vendor for your organization.

What Is an Identity Governance Tool?

An identity governance tool is a specialized software designed to manage digital identities and their associated rights within an organization. A robust IGA tool automates complex processes like provisioning (granting access based on roles), deprovisioning (removing user access), and everything in between. 

What Are the Capabilities of an Identity Governance and Administration Solution?

An effective IGA solution should offer capabilities like detailed analytics for risk assessment, policy and role management, workflow automation for provisioning and compliance, and advanced reporting features for audit trails. When selecting an IGA vendor, one of the areas you should consider is the features that the solution provides. 

What Are the Components of an Identity Governance and Administration Solution?

The best identity governance solutions should include components like:

  • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) Features: Essential for efficient IGA operations, RBAC helps you define organizational roles and allocate corresponding access rights effectively.

  • Customizable Access Management Workflows: A strong IGA platform enables the creation of tailored workflows for access requests and approvals.

  • Self-Service Capabilities: Opt for a solution that allows users to interact with your systems independently, like browsing a catalog of applications and requesting necessary access. This lightens the load on IT staff and enhances the user experience.

  • Advanced Analytics: Look for high-quality and robust analytics, reports, and dashboards to ensure you will have the data you need for effective decision-making.

  • Streamlined Audit and Compliance Features: To simplify compliance tasks (and to reduce the stress of an audit!), choose an IGA solution with baked-in comprehensive auditing capabilities.

  • Intuitive User Interface: No one wants to spend hours and hours figuring out the new platform—look for an IGA solution that is straightforward and easy for users to navigate, avoiding complex systems that can hinder productivity.

  • Scalable Solution: As your organization evolves, your IGA solution should be capable of adapting to changing demands. Be sure to consider the solution’s scalability and how well it can accommodate future growth. 

What Makes a Good IGA Vendor?

Choosing a good IGA vendor involves considering several factors. Here’s a short checklist of what to look for when selecting an IGA vendor: 

  • A Comprehensive IGA Solution

First and foremost, you need the right tech. If the vendor’s platform doesn’t include robust features and comprehensive capabilities, then strike them from your list. 

  • A Strong Reputation.

Look for positive reviews from current and past customers. Don’t forget to review case studies, industry reports, and resources on the vendor’s website. 

  • A Commitment To Excellence

One way to evaluate a vendor’s attention to detail is to ask about their integration capabilities. Have they taken the time to make sure their platform will work seamlessly with your existing tech stack? Is there a way to have custom integrations if need be? Look for this type of commitment to excellence as you consider each vendor. 

  • A Dedication To Customer Service

You’ll be building this relationship for years to come, and it’s important to find someone you want to work with. From the start, consider how you are treated: is your time valued? Can you talk to a real person? Do they provide excellent ongoing customer support? Do you enjoy interacting with this vendor?

How Do I Find the Best Identity Governance and Administration Vendor in 2024?

There are a lot of identity governance and administration vendors out there—selecting the best vendor for your organization should involve evaluating your needs, the vendor’s capabilities, and the overall value proposition. Rather than starting with a identity governance and administration vendors list, you should: 

  • Review Your Needs: Make sure you fully understand your IGA requirements before exploring IGA vendors. This can help you avoid being bedazzled by non-essential features and find a solution that will truly meet your company’s specific needs.

  • Evaluate Vendors: Using the checklist above, create a shortlist of credible vendors to work from.

  • Compare Features: Carefully consider the capabilities of all the IGA solutions you’re looking at. Key features to compare are: some text
    • Strong security features
    • Scalability and flexibility
    • Integration capabilities

and all the other features from the components list above.

  • Do a Total Cost Analysis: Consider all the expenses associated with the solution, including initial setup, ongoing licenses, maintenance, and potential costs for support and upgrades. Be sure to also consider the potential savings from increased efficiency and compliance, which could offset initial expenditures.
  • Request a Demo: It’s important to test any solution you’re considering first. Request a hands-on demo to see how well it could work for your company and assess how user-friendly the tool is. 

Finding the best identity governance solution and vendor ultimately boils down to the right features and the right level of support. With the lists above, you can select the best vendor to help you protect your business as you grow and evolve.

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