Identity Governance and Administration

Oversee all access

Control granular access to SaaS, cloud and internal tools.

automated IT tickets
TTR reduction
30 days
25% automated IT tickets
99.6% TTR reduction
30 days deployment

“We reduced ticket time-to-resolution by 99%. The ROI was almost immediate.”

Brian McGuiness, VP of IT Operations Chegg

Manage all apps and identities in one place

Integrate your systems and gain visibility into entitlement-level access across your cloud and on-prem environments for all identities.

Increase productivity with self-service requests

Give your employees an excellent request experience while ensuring they get the right access for the right amount of time. Let them request granular, just-in-time access via a web AppStore, CLI, Slack or Teams, and in your ITSM.

Streamline access reviews for SOX, SOC 2 or ISO 27001

Easily schedule, conduct, and streamline your access reviews by getting app access data in one place. Facilitate collaboration with reviewers via email or Slack, and generate audit-ready reports.

Automate on- and offboarding

Stop drowning in thousands of outdated and overreaching RBAC rules. Implement Joiner-Mover-Leaver workflows with entitlement-level granularity and let AI help you manage roles and policies at scale.

“We were promised a consumer-level tool; Lumos lives up to that.”

Patrick Achuff, Staff IT Systems Administrator – Chegg
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