Onboarding & Offboarding

Automate the lifecycle

Create flexible workflows to put your JML processes on auto-pilot.

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automated IT tickets.
TTR reduction.
30 days
25% automated IT tickets
99.6% TTR reduction
30 days deployment

“We were promised a consumer-grade tool and Lumos lives up to that.”

Patrick Achuff, Staff IT Systems Administrator @Chegg

Create HRIS-driven workflows

Support employee and contractor onboardings with ease. Set triggers such as status changes, event data (start date or end dates) or an API call to grant or revoke access according to your controls.

Enforce Joiner-Mover-Leaver policies

Ensure entitlements are appropriately managed as part of your provisioning flows and delegate manual tasks to your admins. Configure advanced actions like transferring user data to managers or wiping all session tokens.

Take control over internal changes

Set alerts and kick off onboarding workflows based on changes in title, team, or department. Advance mover processes to require micro-certifications, validating employees have the right access post-transition.

Monitor progress across the entire lifecycle

Govern all JML processes before, during, and after they occur with a centralized view. Loop in managers to gain context around their reports, ensuring employee productivity.

“The admin experience of Lumos ensures we're not overexposing sensitive applications while enabling access in minutes.”

Patrick Achuff, Staff IT Systems Administrator @Chegg
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