SaaS Spend Management

Never go over budget

Reclaim licenses, negotiate better deals, and reduce spending.

decrease in SaaS licenses.
of software budget cut.
of Shadow IT Apps detected.
>50% decrease in SaaS licenses.
15% of software budget cut.
>99% of Shadow IT visibility.

"Employees had so many ways to get access, but no ways to lose access. As a result, our software spending kept growing."

Dai Phung, Head of IT @Secure Code Warrior

Create a source of truth over all software spend

Unify contract, invoice, and expense data across all your key systems. Build a dashboard of your SaaS spending and savings opportunities.

Automatically reclaim licenses that are no longer needed

Forget about compiling spreadsheets, reaching out to employees, and removing accounts manually. Automate the busywork, and run it in the background to keep your license counts lean.

Negotiate your renewals with all the right information

Come prepared to every discussion with accurate insights. Determine how many licenses are being used, whether you’re getting the best price, and if similar tools are being used across the company.

Enable department leads to monitor their own spend

Grant business owners and leadership access to their data. Set up alerts to keep them informed. Regularly review software spend together and collaborate on the best ways to save.

Continuously report on savings created for the business

Access detailed reports on how much you’ve saved through license removals and application consolidation.

“Even our CEO was impressed with how easy it is to save on software spend.”

Dai Phung, Head of IT – Secure Code Warrior
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